Sunday, November 11, 2012

2012 Toy, Food and Craft Festival - Nice Work!

Care, artistry and community - the sign of things to come for visitors to this years Toy, Food and Craft Festival at Raphael House.

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Sean, Rosie and Acacia have their audience transfixed with the quality of their musical expertise and sensitivity,

Music, delicious food and drinks, plays, fun activities and craft stalls are the hallmark of the Festival each year.

The display of student work included handcrafted wood, clay, stone and jewellery, as well as workbooks and posters from all age groups. A wooden canoe was one of the handcrafted objects.

Learning the alphabet artistically is one of the classic elements of the Waldorf (Steiner) curriculum for a Class 1, year 2 child.

Colourful stories enrich the creative imagination of children in Class 3.
High School art lessons explore the many directions taken in the History of Art
 Who is this? I forgot to ask. Clay modelling allows three dimensional expression to come to life.

These posters are the work of Class 8, Year 9 students.