Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taiwan Waldorf Teachers at Raphael House

Last week we were priveleged to have a visit from six teachers from the Cu Xin Waldorf School in Taiwan. They came to Raphael House to find out practical information that will help them as they develop their high school.
From left to right on each side of David Stephenson  in the photo are:
Diipali (Eurythmy teacher) Shih Min (Principal)
Su (founder of the school) Richard (science teacher) Hsini  (science teacher) and Yu Di (history and philosophy teacher).

This image shows the location of  Taiwan. Cu Xin school is in the north east part of the island
Here are some photos of Cu Xin School, taken by Julian Thomson on a visit there last year.

Although it is still a young school, it already has triple streamed classes up to class 4, double streaming u to Class 9 and single classes from 10 to 12.

Here are classes 10 to 12 with some of their teachers

This photo is of a high school assembly at Cu Xin:

 The teachers meeting,
and lastly some photos to give a flavour of Taiwan. It is a land of rugged coasts...

Forested mountains and temples...

and busy markets with incredible food...

Many people at Raphael House have expressed their interest and enjoyment at having met our Taiwanese colleagues. Let's hope that this new connection will develop into the future!