Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Class 7 at Tukino Skifield 2011

Jarod Sommers waxed poetical after a week in the snow with his class (Photos are by Cam Sanders and Andrew Fisher):

Class Seven travelled to Tukino, a field of snow,
Where the weather played its part to make skiing a go.

Four days of no wind, gorgeous weather and sun,
Sulphur from the crater was smelt on the other one.
A wide range of students who had talent and ability,
Not to mention their energy, speed and agility.

They were full of excitement, wonder and awe,
Except when it was their time to turn hands to a chore.
Terry, Cindy and the gang let them loose on the powder,
But when skiing on ice the screams definitely got louder.

Peter and parents were great in helping them learn,
So by the end of day one they could do a  tight turn.
Steep challenging slopes were then  met head on,
And in no time ar all, the kids went down and were gone.

There were jumps built, destroyed and remade,
And a sort of 'couch' which was dug with a spade.
An igloo appeared with help from a saw,
It kept people warm, right into their core.
But now it is over and we are back in class seven,
That week at Tukino was a match made in heaven...

Here is a video that we made during the week: