Monday, May 21, 2012

Finding the Leonardo in ourselves

The Class Seven year brings a study of the Renaissance in Europe – the flourishing of the arts, a rediscovery of the cultural treasures of Ancient Greece and Rome and an awakening to the wider world – geographically, scientifically and artistically. 

This year the theme has brought studies in and experiences of perspective drawing, Renaissance biographies, the use of mathematical tools developed in the Renaissance (Napier’s Bones), the various guilds that developed during the Renaissance and the artistic works, methods and motivations of Renaissance masters such as Leonardo da Vinci.
Later in the year the same theme will lead us into Astronomy, the Geography of Africa and the Americas, Mechanics and other learning areas, as the children experience the discoveries and developments that bloomed during this time.

Class 7 have been creating lots of drawings to connect with our renaissance theme. Shown here are some for you to enjoy.

Robin Hinkley