Monday, July 16, 2012

Mid Winter Lanterns

Recently the school celebrated the Mid Winter festival with a roaring bonfire and soup and stories in the classrooms.

 As part of the build up to the festival all the children in Classes 1-8 created lanterns to light their way on the night. This is a tradition dating back many years at the school, and each year the younger classes eagerly admire the older children’s lanterns, looking forward to creating them in years to come.

Class Four created 4-sided cardboard lanterns and, for the first time, cut out designs which they backed with tissue paper. They needed to use their rulers accurately to create their lantern and designs; they needed to use a craft knife skillfully to cut their designs cleanly. Cutting out tissue to fit behind the windows posed another challenge, as did constructing them once the design was complete.

The class put in several lessons practicing their skills and creating different designs before approaching the ‘real thing’. As you can see the results are beautiful. They worked with care and focus, helping one another until all lanterns were complete.

Well done Class 4 and all the other classes for creating such beautiful lanterns to warm us and light our way on the longest night of the year!

Purdy Biddle- Class 4 teacher