Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Titahi Bay Geology with Class 9

Recently class 9 went on a field trip to Titahi Bay to study the bedrock that underlies the Wellington Region. This trip was part of the geology main lesson.

There were many landscape features that had been created by erosion such as this sea arch and the flat area of rocks that had been leveled by wave action.

This cave was made where the weak rock along a faultline had been eroded out by the sea. Uplift due to earthquakes has lifted the cave out of reach of the waves

The rocks themselves are made of layers that were once laid down horizontally on the sea floor. They have since been tipped up so that they are nearly vertical.

 The diagonal line is a fault cutting through the layers of rock
The rock has also been folded in places as you can see here.

Students had to make careful observations of the different features. This is a good way to gain a practical understanding of some of the concepts taught in the lessons.