Monday, November 21, 2011

Blackboards and the Imagination

Traditional farming
The advent of data projectors, electronic whiteboards and powerpoint presentations are regarded widely as advancing the cause of education. This is of course correct in that it enables the access to, and flow of,
information within the classroom.

On a recent visit to the Lower School classrooms at Raphael House it was interesting to see the use made of good old fashioned blackboards. Teachers go to great lengths to create works of art simply with a set of coloured chalks, their own artistic skill,  and their imagination.

Fairy Tale blackboard drawing

These images set the theme for the main lessons. As the blackboards are designed to fold out, they can still be used in the conventional way to demonstrate details of the lesson content without removing the artwork.


Blackboard chalk drawing
What it must mean for the young child to gaze into these images, so lovingly and magically created by their teachers, is a question that you can ask yourself as you see the examples posted here. My guess is that they will help to foster a deep reverence for the subject, a delight in the world of colour, form and imagination, the enjoyment of  unfolding narratives, and also a deep respect towards the teacher.

Legend in Chalk
Blackboard drawing - Tuis

Teacher Jen Lyons creating magic with coloured chalk