Sunday, November 13, 2011

Toy, Craft and Food Festival 2011

Raphael House Welcome
A major highlight of the calendar at Raphael House is the annual Toy, Craft and Food Festival. This community event is a time where families, present and past staff and students and interested visitors  gather together for a taste of the school culture.

Toys, Crafts and Food in the sun
As well as a wide selection of food and refreshment, there are lots of fun activities for kids, gift and craft sales, displays, musical and other performances.  A new activity this year was the climbing tower, supervised by ex pupil and climbing expert Frank Foster of Top Adventures.

Events Sign
This hand drawn events board shows the artistic skill and care of presentation that is a hallmark of the festival.

sponge a teacher
It is the lot of a teacher to make sacrifices for the greater good.  Here Ken Isaac and Robin Hinkley volunteered to be targets for a free facewash to the delight of the gathered crowd...

Craft market
The Raphael House Toy, Food and Craft Festival is the place to come for wholesome,  environmentally friendly and ethically considerate gifts and other products. A great opportunity to stock up whilst preparing for Christmas...

special calendars
These calendars were created by the special needs students in the Raphael Class...

pocket lady
Cassy was a star performer as the ever popular 'pocket lady'. Take a lucky dip in one of those pockets for a surprise gift.

These images can only give a small impression. We haven't shown the little peoples' room, cookie garden, live music, students' work exhibition, candle dipping and many other hands-on activities that gave the day its characteristic flavour. We hope to see you there next year!